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The Shoshone people traveled according to the seasons and followed the animals and food supply.

They were often referred to as the “valley people” because they camped in valleys.

The Boise State University Broncos play on the world’s only blue football field, known as The Smurf Turf. Along with potatoes, Idaho is also the top producer of lentils. The first alpine chairlift was used in Sun Valley in 1936, for 25 cents per ride. Idaho has 3,100 miles of rivers, more than any other state in the country. Idaho’s Shoshone Falls is known as the Niagara Of The West. Soda Springs is home to the largest man-made geyser. In Pocatello, it’s against the law to be seen in person without a smile on your face. When you get to Heaven’s Gate Lookout, you can see four states at one time: Idaho, Washington, Montana and Oregon. The grocery store chain Albertsons was founded by Idaho native and supermarket pioneer, Joseph Albertson. Evel Knievel’s Snake Jump Monument commemorates the daredevil’s failed attempt to jump the Snake Canyon on a rocket cycle in 1974. Hailey, Idaho is where Bruce Willis and Demi Moore moved to in order to raise their children out of the Hollywood eye, back when they were still married. Hailey is also the birthplace of famed poet Ezra Pound. Atomic City had a regular population in 1975 when it neighbored the National Reactor Testing Station and was home to the Experimental Breeder Reactor.

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These three groups occupied parts of California, Utah, Nevada, Wyoming and Idaho.

The largest of these groups settled in the Snake River Valley in Idaho, sometimes being referred to as the “Snake Indians”.

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The Shoshone Indians are a Native American tribe of about 8,000 people.

Family is an important part of the Shoshone values.

They were not wasteful and used everything they were able to its full use.

Animals were used for food and clothing and every part of the animal was used.

Today, there are several places in Idaho named after the Shoshone Indians including Shoshone Falls, the Portneuf (Port-noof) River and the city of Pocatello; the latter two named after Shoshone chiefs.

The Shoshone people were hunter-gatherers and relied heavily on the wildlife, such as buffalo, deer, and elk, to maintain their food supply throughout the winter.