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I couldn’t even face drinking a cup of coffee there, let alone anything else. At least 25 per cent of men who go onto these sites are married and wanting a fling rather than a serious relationship.

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For those that have been dating for a little while, and he suddenly goes a little cold, not calling is often a sign that he’s upset and wants some space.

This doesn’t necessarily mean the end of the relationship, just that he needs a little cooling off time.

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Or was there no hope of authenticity because I wasn’t really looking for a connection as much as I was longing for a husband?In these cases, he has an actual reason that has nothing to do with the girl in question.He might be fighting pirates, closing a big deal, composing a new opera, or visiting his grandmother in the hospital.When I surveyed people on social media to find out reasons why men and women don’t follow up for a second date, a friend of mine responded and said, “I thought you were asking for reasons why someone didn’t call me for a second date!”The very idea of it is marketed to the world over from the moment we leave the womb, and those who don’t have it feel that they are somehow scared with some terrible affliction that has rendered us unlovable.She has written several personal essays, poems, and short works of fiction.