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External evidence means sources outside of the Bible.This section discusses ancient artifacts and the writings of Josephus that verify Luke to be a credible historian and author.It would be too complex a discussion in this context, and it is enough that Ehrman has at least stated that there are “reasons” and it is not just a whimsy.

It was also explained at the outset that they did so for “a variety of reasons”.But with these dot points we can say we are looking at the trunk of the tree.Dating Paul The grounds stated for dating Paul to the 50’s seems reasonable enough.In other words, the absolute date range is ideologically or hypothetically grounded.This page gives a three-part discussion that shows the gospel of Luke was written between 59 to 62 CE.The only problem is that there is no external attestation for Paul’s letters till the second century. It is unknown until Irenaeus cites it in the latter half of the second century. How certain can we be about a date that relies solely on the self-witness of the documents themselves?