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He said he wanted to transfer million to the recipient’s bank account – money that was budgeted but never spent.
Put some time aside and fill out your profile as well as you can. Most importantly, get yourself out there and never fear the word Hello. Make the most of your time online and forget what you thought were your weaknesses. It's not about who you know; it's about who you meet today for a free date on Cupid.

Dating girls with bad teeth

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Color consultants were big in the 1980s, and they're still around today.A color or image consultant can help you update your wardrobe and dress you in colors compatible with your complexion.But for the average crowd even something as basic as teeth can influence a single’s chances with a potential date.So if you are unlucky to be saddled with bad teeth and are looking for love, here are a few things you may want to keep in mind.(well, ok, Nicole Kidman kicked him out of bed, but I don't think his braces had anything to do with it...) You are spending major bucks to get your teeth straightened. Think of this as your "transformation time." Here's the main idea: if you look better, you'll feel better; if you feel better, you'll be more confident.And if you look good and are confident, you are sexy and attractive to other people.Perhaps this is because women have other factors at work -- and that teenage cheerleader look isn't always a bad thing when it comes to attracting men.In reality, how the object of your affection reacts to you has little to do with what's in your mouth, and a lot to do with other things.

I've never known anyone to say, "Ewww, he/she has braces, I'd never consider dating him/her." And if anyone DOES say or think that, just tattoo a big L on their foreheads, because they are shallow losers -- and you wouldn't want to date them anyway! The little girl in Finding Nemo is the perfect example -- slightly ugly, nerdy and mean.

The pages of GQ or Details are a good place to start, but if that's too daunting, go to a high-quality (and/or trendy) men's store in your area and ask a salesperson for ideas.

I know it sounds perilous, but you don't have to actually buy anything, just see what somebody else thinks would look good on you, and think about it. Have you had the exact same haircut for more than 5 years?

Aside from this, you might want to take a few hours -- or even days -- to assess your life as a whole. Don't be restrained by reality -- dream a little bit.

Seeing it there in black and white can be very helpful.