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Now that George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin have been wed long enough to have their wedding pictures sold for charity, we should expect to see rumors of the demise of their marriage any day now.

But be warned, ye Cassandras, Clooney and Alamuddin have gone about getting married in the way that sociologists say leads to a lower likelihood of divorce.

But it seems that’s just a bunch of talk and nothing can tear Clooney away from his passion for things Italian, not even a former WWF wrester nearly 20 years his junior.

What makes the Italian lakes region between Milan and Switzerland so appealing to prestigious Italians and foreigners alike, such as Clooney, Versace, and Virgin CEO Richard Branson?

George Clooney’s 18th century villa is in Laglio, a beautiful little Italian village of only 930 inhabitants, in the heart of Lake Como.

It sits on the narrowest stretch of water, the place where the second and first basins of the lake are joined, and not far from the residence of Ada Negri, a famous Italian poet.

Here’s why, with help from economist and Brookings Institute egghead Isabel Sawhill’s new book 1) They’re Old. That’s higher than the average age people get married (for men it’s 29, and women it’s 27, although this is Clooney’s second marriage.) There’s a pretty strong correlation between the age at which you get married and the likelihood that your marriage survives, says Sawhill. The average age at which women get married is now than the average age at which women have their first baby, notes Sawhill.

“Later marriages are more durable than earlier ones,” she writes. Marriages that happen after children have a high rate of failure, especially if the children were unintended.

The Beyonce and Jay-Z rumor mill churns so hard, it could crush diamonds.The 47-year-old actor appeared on the Ellen De Generes Show on Thursday where he revealed that he does not give George Clooney parenting advice on being a new father to twins.As 56-year-old George became a dad to two for the first time this year, Damon feels like he has no place to tell his pal how to raise his four-month-old son Alexander and daughter Ella...The Australian writer - who recently hit headlines for considering hiring a sex worker for her Autistic son Julius - revealed that the loved-up couple are feeling out of this world with their new arrivals.If you visit, in the hills covered with vineyards and olive groves surrounding the lake you can see impressive ancient Roman ruins and a 15th century monastery, Sacro Monte di Ossuccio, with its 15 chapels.The area has been named a UNESCO world heritage site.“The most recent data suggest that it is best to wait until your mid-twenties, and better still your early thirties, if you want to reduce the risk of divorce.” 2) They’re Childless. Some studies show that in poorer families, who are often delaying marriage because they don’t feel they’re financially stable enough, a child is welcomed and “highly valued,” as Sawhill puts it.