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Die Idee ist zwar gut, aber die Umsetzung noch nicht ganz ausgereift.

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No matter the location, you are always looking around for people you’re attracted to.

Depending on how much time has been spent away, it may take some effort to rebuild bridges, but get started right away. Also, in the future, make time for your friendships even if you are in the best relationship of your life.

When those things happen, you are going to want to talk about it. Your friends love you and want you to be safe and happy, so if the only thing you are telling them is that he’s the scum of the earth, they are going to believe (surprise! How to get things back on track: You have three choices.

But if all you are doing is telling friends awful things about your significant other, guess what? If this is you: Again, wanting to vent about your guy is natural and it happens to everyone. You can a) admit that even though your guy might drive you crazy sometimes, really the good things outweigh the bad. Or, you can b) realize that you spend a lot of time complaining, regardless of subject, and make an effort to start watching what you say about other people in general.

Your body is your body, and you really can do anything you want, but people are invested in you and your life, so if you put yourself in a dangerous or difficult situation, it can influence their lives as well.

How to get things back on track: If you have had unprotected sex, get tested for STIs and pregnancy (and if it’s been less than 5 days, use emergency contraception).