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Relationship fatigue can happen when both partners do not seem to provide something new to each other anymore.

The common interests that the couple had during the early years that kept them together may now be something that is keeping them apart.

You are tired of meeting people, tired of spending money, tired of online searches, tired of wanting to like someone and not, tired of not being excited about anyone, tired of people asking how it went, tired of being rejected, tired of having to reject someone else, just tired, tired, tired.

I’ve been urging you over and over again on this blog to not just sit there and hope it happens but to go out there and get in the game.

It may come to a point where each partner may no longer welcome seeing each other at the end of the day.

But when you get older a day like that just makes you tired and there’s not much “the man” about it. There are a huge group of singles who are suffering from this.

Now some of you are thinking, “I don’t really go on that many dates – I surely don’t have this problem.” Not so fast.

Change conversation subjects There are certain things that you usually talk about as a couple.

Take a different approach and talk about something different.