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I listen sympathetically but don't share the conclusions. Mature singles have plenty of great people to choose from; but of course, you have to know where to look.

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Jim Solomon, a counselor who specializes in helping married couples, says there are good reasons to restore a marriage, although he says getting back together is not for everyone.

While many counselors encourage couples to remarry if possible, Solomon says that in some cases, reconciliation is unadvisable.

Counseling also helps you learn how to keep communication open between you and your mate.

According to Solomon, marriage counseling and pre-marital counseling are a must for a successful remarriage.

Often times, one or both spouses is hesitant to recognize their contribution to the disintegration of a marriage.

Solomon says that this hesitancy is a good indicator that the couple in question is not ready to get back together.

Some people think that things are always better - that the grass is greener - anywhere else but in their current situation.

After experiencing the single life, some people may realize that there is no one else as great as their former spouse.

Sometimes couples do not realize exactly what they mean to each other until they have divorced.She has investigated remarriage between spouses and has said that as many as 10% of divorced spouses remarry.There are many different reasons why spouses decide to get back together.That same chemistry is there, and you find yourself in a position to consider remarrying your ex-spouse. As with all marriages, the answer lies in what both partners are willing to do to make the relationship work for the long haul.Statistics for restored marriages, where ex-spouses remarry each other, may be somewhat surprising.Even though you and your mate may have changed over the years, there are likely still some ways you are the same.