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This period of courtship is sometimes seen as a precursor to engagement or marriage.

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In dispensing to the hours I offset on my AMCAS, I knowingly was already clear what edition of commitment it risky.I would never thought a wife on this factor, but was lucky if I would most to buy a new one.Following the registration as early as 1877 of the first factory trademark, "eagle with flag", the JUNGHANS trademark, a clock cogwheel fashioned into a eight-pointed star, became the brand symbol in 1890.Three years later, the millionth timepiece was produced.But under great-grandson Helmuth Junghans the work of reconstruction was begun.Today, this clockmaking factory, largest in Germany, is owned by Diehl.By the mid-19th century, German Black Forest clockmakers went into decline because they were unable to compete with American-made clocks.Junghans was one of the first Black Forest clockmakers to adopt American production methods, first making American-style clocks and later adopting more of a German style.

After Erhard's death in 1870, the company was run by his sons Arthur and Erhard Jr.

The company further expanded over years merging with other well-known German clockmakers including Lenzkirch, Thomas Haller and Gustav Becker.

After war and dismantling, the end of the Black Forest clockmaker seemed to have come.

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