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I like the dry and sunny cold over the wet and dreary. I am most interested in areas I can improve on, so basically what I did poorly, or things that you did not like about the dates. I am old fashioned and I truly appreciated you paying for our dates. Even though we may be independent and can take of ourselves, we still like being taken care of. I also liked that you took charge and thought about what we could do on our dates. I was actually wanting to set you up with a girl I know…assuming that is ok with you. At the end of the day I have only positive things to say about her, and I really hope she finds the guy that she is looking for!

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We don't prefer to have our process "guided", especially being held to an oft tedious process and pace.

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EHarmony has long positioned its marketplace as a forum for finding a life partner, eschewing the quick swiping popularized by Tinder, which is owned by Barry Diller's IAC.

Eharmony founder Neil Clark Warren, a Christian theologist, psychologist and author returned from retirement in July 2012 to revitalize the site, which has been lagging in growth.

His vision included making a shift from identifiying itself as an online dating website to a more comprehensive "relationship" website.

"The e Harmony skill for Alexa advises singles on matches who are compatible and sent messages," the dating app's CEO, Grant Langston, said in a statement, citing the opportunity for users to "surface pertinent information, like location and occupation, that some people might gloss over if they are just quickly swiping at attractive pictures."How does it work?

Compatible Partners is not your average gay dating site.