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Om du blir hungrig – finns massa gott att köpa; Varmkorv, hamburgare, kaffe, fika, sockervadd, popcorn, glass. Sälj det du inte längre behöver eller har hjärta att slänga! Om du vill sälja innebär detta att du inte kan boka plats utan bara packa bilen full och komma när vi öppnar för drive-in kl 09-11, det loppistillfälle som passar just dig. Ta gärna med dig, om du så vill och har möjlighet, ett partytält/depåtält alternativt annan egen lösning (möjligtvis med hjälp av pressening) att ställa dina prylar under, givetvis helt utan extra kostnad! Ps: När du väl är på loppisen, missa inte att checka in på Facebook så bjuder vi på kaffe!

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In December 2015, the Seattle City Council passed Ordinance 124968, which creates collective bargaining opportunities for taxicab, flat-rate vehicle and transportation network company drivers.

Driver coordinators include, but are not limited to, taxicab associations (e.g., Yellow, Orange), for-hire vehicle companies (e.g., Flat Rate, Eastside) and transportation network companies (TNCs) (e.g., Uber, Lyft).

Drivers are not necessarily assumed to be employees of driver coordinators.

Qualified Driver Representative (QDR) An organization like a labor union or nonprofit that meets criteria set by the City through a director's rule that will try to gather support from drivers for a particular driver coordinator to represent their issues in negotiations with that driver coordinator.

Statement of Interest A statement signed and dated by a driver saying that he/she wants to be represented by a particular QDR.

Qualifying Driver A driver who drives for a driver coordinator and has the opportunity to decide whether to have his/her interests, and the interests of his/her fellow drivers, represented by a qualified driver representative.

Of course, I finally stop lying to myself and acknowledge the guy is a complete fucking douchebag through whom I'm seeking approval (ladies, I know some of you hear me). You get to experience a fleeting sense of validation that you’ve been accepted into a virtual cool-kids club and someone thinks you’re good enough.Ordinance 125132 sets the commencement date as Jan.17, 2017, and provides additional guidance to the Department of Finance and Administrative Services in drafting a rule concerning qualifying drivers. I didn't actually want to get married -- and was in fact quite positive I'd hate whoever's attention I was vying for -- but I love a good competition and am constantly looking for outside forces to validate my self-worth. Intrigued and seeking validation, I "apply." Despite New York’s plethora of models, I still think I’m a pretty good catch. You'll get a (ridiculously small) batch of people per day sent to you at Happy Hour (5pm). League members who don't login for more two weeks will be kicked out. “Hi, I’m Mike.” “Hi, I’m sweaty.” Shockingly, the date lasts two hours and I actually think this guy is a legit human being with a soul.Sure, my nose is a little crooked, but I fit the rest of Western society’s standards for beauty and success. If both people "heart" the other, you'll have a match; but people aren't necessarily revealed to each other on the same day so don't expect anything immediate. So will users who consistently don't respond, behave offensively, suggest casual encounters, wear anything other than white, or ask questions (OK, two of those aren't true). And because there's some form of a background check on swipers, you've got less potential for bots and serial killers.The letter we've provided to those who provided feedback is available by clicking the link below, and links to finalized rules are on this webpage also.