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Most of the time you will end up waiting hours or even days before getting a response from that person.
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Dating customs in vietnam

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I will continue to be happy with my boring but very clear smiley face :).

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Living in the States for so long, I have to admit that I am behind on the lingo.However, you might want to get out of a crowded restaurant or cafe to answer a call, if only because you want to escape the constant sound of phones ringing and people chatting on their mobile devices. During rush hour, bicycles and scooters can pretty much get on the sidewalks or sometimes even go into the opposite lanes.(There's not much restriction here overall, by the way. The most significant change in the traffic laws I can see here is the enforcement of helmets, which some people just put on for show, without properly tightening the strap.) While text messages are clearly useful, I find it rather confusing to communicate via Yahoo Instant Messenger.Kids are sort of matched up at an early age, oftentimes jokingly, by relatives or friends.When they grow up, if neither goes away to find a job elsewhere, chances are they will marry each other.) But it doesn't matter how a relationship here starts; it seems all of them go through something I'd call the "@ phase of love," in which the courtship continues via cell phone texts and Yahoo instant messaging.While online dating services in the States (personally, I believe many young Americans aren't really sure what to look for in a partner and being impatient as usual, think spending money somehow helps solve this), things are a little different in Vietnam--in the big cities that is.