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Author Thread: CShild support for a child Track this thread coffeeman690 Joined: 7/23/2008Msg: 1view profile History CShild support for a child Posted: 7/26/2008 124 PM Would you agree that my Ex is asking me for CS for a child I never made W her YES i was married to her for 7 yrs and the child did call me dad, BUT the bio father came back into her life when she was 12 and the main reason why our marrige fell apart was becuase this child caused some many problems for us that it was the best thing for US She ran away to her Bio dads a few times , droped out of school , was caught stealing. I get CS from my son's father, and I'm not going to use my son as a cash cow.

So one day when she was 14 she packed her stuff up and left saying she never wanted to live in this house again if I was still living in it. Any time you raise a child "as your own" regardless of if the father is in the picture or not, you can be liable for CS in this country. Yes, my ex b/f was in my son's life for most of his life, but he was NOT his father.

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I'd most certainly consult with a lawyer to see what your options are, with any luck, you'll not be made to pay. If a man is divorced with child support and/or alimony and he is married again and losses his job, his current wife can be ordered to pay for BOTH while her husband is out of work for whatever reasons.

But if you are, and you were close to the child, then maybe you can get 'visitation' too... Only 7 states in the US have "common law marriages". Years ago, welfare in BC came after my then husband for a child that he was not sure he fathered.

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