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Evolve this Moon sign by working on creating a solid core . The Gemini Moon needs constant stimulation to keep up with its restless, analytical nature.

Who knows – then it might feel okay to let go sometimes. When emotional situations come up, talking therapy was made for you.

Your mind refuses to butt out, and your instinct is to talk it out, and out, and out.

As soon as a situation is broke, you’ll want to fix it – in some cases before it’s broke, too.

With a headstrong Aries Sun and outgoing Sagittarius rising, there’s been a tendency in my life for my sensitive, comfort-loving Cancer Moon to get torched by all that fire and bravado. Your Moon sign holds the key to your deepest emotional needs – so ignore what it’s telling you at your peril.

The Sun, Rising and Moon signs are usually the first place any astrologer goes when they’re interpreting a birth chart – and I like to think of them as representing the mind / ego (the Sun), the body (Rising) and the soul (Moon).

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And don’t worry if you don’t know your precise time of birth, your Moon sign can be calculated with just the date and place. Here’s a brief overview of how your Moon sign could show up for you.When emotional stuff comes up for you, it rises quickly to the surface to be torched.In fact, you’re so ready to face uncomfortable situations head on, to some people it might look like you actually enjoy conflict. Satisfy this Moon sign by constantly seeking out new experiences.Viewed this way, the Moon sign is a gateway to the “subtle realms” of being, and is also linked to the subconscious and our instinctual patterns and habits. As a being invested in the concept of personal development for TOTAL SELF ACTUALIZATION (as in, getting to a place where you are fully primed to bring your unique gifts to the Universe), you can see how Moon signs have become my latest astro obsession.Know your Moon, know your potential on a truly souful/cosmic level.Even better, show you sufficient appreciation (we love you, we do!