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Dating based personality types

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Even Jung knew that these types shouldn’t be used as classifications, but rather as guidelines.

There has been some previous research that has revealed that the Myers-Briggs has little to no power in predicting how happy you will be in certain situations, how successful you would be with a certain job or role, or how happy you would be in a relationship with somebody.

But when you sit down to meet with a potential love interest for the first time, how do you know what kind of romance you’re getting yourself into? Here’s how each type approaches romance on the first date.

Accidentally starts planning their wedding vows 10 minutes later.

ENFJ: Vows to appreciate their date without trying to “fix” them.

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Jung did state that his personality classifications were more rough estimates than actual types, but in the 1940s Katherine Briggs and daughter Isabel Briggs Myers used this as the basis in creating a personality test.

ESFP: Plans a back up date that’s way more fun and adventurous than the standard date.

If their date seems cool, they whisk them away on said adventure.

One of only 1% of the population, and I am wondering if that might be part of the reason I've had so much difficulty finding a REALLY compatible partner.

My marriage of 20 years just ended, and was really an excercise in futilty for a long time.