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Christina and Tarek run a real estate agency, The El Moussa Group, in Orange County.

Dating and dealing with rejection

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Just because a date din’t work out doesnt make you a failure.Its what you feel about you which matters in the end.

Some people even avoid the process of dating so that they don’t have to cope with any potential ‘rejections’.It took me a really long time to learn to deal with rejection, and it’s something that I still need to work on to this day even though I’m a relationship writer and am supposed to have some degree of expertise in this area.The upside is that my experience and past pains have helped me develop certain skills and insights to deal with rejection while keeping my sense of self intact. The fact is, you can’t make everyone like you and you can’t make every guy attracted to you.Look at it as an experience from which you can learn and apply as you go along.The fact is that dating someone is not a relationship guarantee, it can go either way.Sure, they’re great if being great is about how much you earn, how you look, how well you dance etc, but you and i know what the real deal is. As long as your values are in the right place, you will eventually meet the right person, believe in yourself and stay positive.