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story-heavy/character-heavy so that when the action REALLY starts we care about everyone. Even with the scant details given their characters, when Banshee and Havok (for example) go into battle you are invested in them to a certain degree.7. Haven't been this excited about the X-Men franchise since X2: X-Men United.

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Ahlers has no reports of misconduct on his employment record and passed a background check before he was hired, the news release said. Kate’s said it will look to improve its crisis communications and consider new safety measures amid criticism over its handling of the shooting.He holds an associate’s degree in law enforcement and completed law enforcement skills training at Hennepin Technical College. “I think there is much we can do better,” Roloff told a packed crowd at noon Wednesday in Our Lady of Victory Chapel, on the campus of the private Catholic women’s college.

Kate’s president Becky Roloff said in a news release. Catherine Department of Public Safety for 15 months. Kate’s campus and are not permitted to be carried by or issued to the university’s public safety staff, according to the news release.

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Students, parents and others accused Roloff of being insensitive to those troubled by the incident.

“I think there’s a lot of people who’ve had experiences with gun violence or traumatic experiences” who were troubled by the event, said Bre Daoust, a freshman from Ashland, Wis.