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Dating a conservative

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Your priority, as far as the relationship goes, should focus on communication, compromise and caring. What is not okay is belittlement or intimidation of another person with your “correct” views of the world.Communication: It is not what you say, but how you say it. Wouldn’t it be nice to hear phrases like “I understand your point of view” or “Both candidates have their pluses and minuses”?It is myopic to think of oneself as the authority on everything.

Caring: Caring and respect for one another is the key to healthy discourse.

Do you have any advice for how a liberal and conservative can live together in harmony? It is not about what you believe, but rather how you express yourself.

It is important to be able, in the end, to agree to disagree in harmony.

Twenty or so years ago, such a recommendation that conservative - liberal singles not date would have been laughed at.

This present state of affairs did not arise accidentally.