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Seven and a half years ago, he bought a one-way ticket to Las Vegas to kill himself."I came here knowing I was going to do it," he said at his Las Vegas apartment, speaking on condition that he not be identified. All of sudden nothing bothered me."He checked into the Westward Ho hotel-casino on the Strip and wandered the city drinking and gambling for about two weeks before finally deciding to die July 19, 1996. He told officers he had a bomb so they wouldn't rush him.

He cut some nylon rope from the room's curtains, looped it around a pipe and tied a noose. Thinking of his mother, he later changed his mind and surrendered.

More than once a month, a visitor commits suicide here, according to Clark County Coroner records dating to October 1998. J., had about one-third as many nonresidents take their lives during that period.

In the same six years, no one committed suicide at Disney World."They pick Las Vegas and kill themselves," former Clark County Coroner Ron Flud said.

Alan Feldman, MGM Mirage senior vice president for public affairs, said saving people who are suicidal once they arrive in Las Vegas probably is impossible."If a person's closest friends and family ...

can't prevent it," Feldman said, "How is the bellman at the hotel all of a sudden going to have this miraculous cure?

I don't know if there is very much we can do."It was not a hot line but coincidence that saved one 51-year-old Texas man's life.

Elton Beamish, 24, drove to Las Vegas from Ann Arbor, Mich., where he was a student at the University of Michigan. Most suicides take place in southern Nevada's populous Clark County, home to the Strip and its decadence and debauchery."Vegas is a canvas for American neurosis," UNLV history professor Hal Rothman said. What could be more of an excess than killing yourself? 2, 1999, in a swath of rocky dirt next to New York-New York hotel-casino's 10-story parking garage.

"It's a place where we paint our hopes, dreams, fears and apprehensions. " "The average person who comes here still sees it as Sin City, where the rules of their lives have been suspended, where their actions have no consequences."There are consequences to suicide, of course. In the 32-year-old disc jockey's pocket was a note for his mother: "Tell her I'm sorry and I love her with all my heart. Don't blame anyone but me."Finding the body would have devastated family members, and that may partly explain why William chose Las Vegas, brother Rob Mauldin said.