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Think about all the areas in your life in which you have excelled and found success.

Could you have gotten to where you are today without any training or guidance?

I haven’t launched a sterilization campaign against my younger colleagues or encouraged my older colleagues to jump out of the windows. Well, of course I am constrained by Catholic moral teaching. Neither are most instances cited by overpopulation zealots, such as crowded cities or poor countries. Other instances of phony overpopulation occur when humans create artificially closed environments.

If someone locked me in my office, most people wouldn’t blame my resulting demise on “the overpopulation of the office” but on the cruel person who locked me in.

Yet the world currently produces enough food to feed 10 billion people, and there are only 7 billion of us.

That is, with 7 billion human minds at work, we produce enough food for 10 billion human bodies.[1] Imagine how much food we can produce with 10 billion minds! ” Yes, hunger remains a problem in some parts of the world, but it is not caused by the number of people.

Let’s keep these things in mind as we consider the argument that the earth, as a closed environment, is overpopulated.

Is Spaceship Earth (as they like to call it), running out of resources? ” Since the time of Thomas Malthus, who lived in the early 1800s, doomsayers have gloomily predicted that mankind would outbreed its food supply, resulting in catastrophic famines.

A UN report titled “World Population to 2300” paints a picture of Europe’s future if European fertility rates don’t rise above current levels: “The European Union, which has recently expanded to encompass 452-455 million people (according to 2000-2005 figures) would fall by 2300 to only 59 million. (That’s right, the idea that half of all people who have ever lived are alive currently is a myth!

We are eating higher energy foods because they are relatively cheaper than they used to be—and prices don’t fall when goods are scarce.

The falling price of high energy foods indicates that they are becoming . production of usable water) have increased much faster than the human population has increased.

Overpopulation describes a situation where the such that it can no longer support that population.

Let’s imagine that our PRI offices were to suddenly become a closed environment, with nothing allowed in our out.