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Airlines which carry inadmissible passengers and crew members to the Macao Special Administrative Region will be fined MOP10,000.00 per head, no matter whether the passengers and crew members are admissible afterwards, except if there is an indication under concrete circumstances that it is impossible to reasonably require the airlines to know the status of the passengers and crew members.

If the violator fails to voluntarily pay the fine in accordance with the above stipulation, the Immigration Department will send the notes of executory effect to the jurisdictional court for mandatory collection of the fine. 14/2014 'Amendments to the Provision on Overstay in the 《Regulations of the Entry, Stay and Residence Authorization》', persons who still stay in the Macao SAR but not over 30 days after the expiry of the authorization granted is fined MOP500 per overdue day from 9/7/2014.

One of the most established principles of logic / science / reality is the principle of causality: something that has a beginning has a sufficient cause.

The principle is not, ‘Everything has a cause’; Bertrand Russell misstated it.

That means it would have to have had a beginning itself and you have the same problem as cycles of births and deaths of universes.

So the cause of the universe’s beginning must have been of space-matter-time.

The transfer or transit of visitors who has no record made at any border and is not issued any "entry permit" at the Macao International Airport, at any immigration checkpoint, or during escort from one immigration checkpoint to another by the authorities is not considered as entry to the Macao Special Administrative Region.

Except for the holders of documents listed in Point 6, all other document holders mentioned above in Part V are admissible to the Macao Special Administrative Region only on the condition that their document allows them to enter or re-enter any country or region;"One-way Exit Permit" holders and individuals who possess a travel document valid only for entering or returning to the Macao Special Administrative Region and preliminarily have their permanent residence status verified or declare possession of Residence Authorization are exempted from the requirement in (2); In cases specified in (3) and (4), individuals who intend to enter the Macao Special Administrative Region are required to possess prior permit or authorization granted for the purpose of entering the SAR, but One-way Exit Permit holders are not included.】The validity of the passport or travel document and entry or re-entry permit of other countries (or regions) upon the arrival of the visitor should meet the requirement stated in Term 1, Article 9 of Law No.5/2003 (i.e.

If the transporter fails to remove the passenger, seaman or crew member who is refused entry in accordance with the above stipulation, it will be liable for all costs incurred by the person during his or her stay in the Macao Special Administrative Region, particularly accommodation expenses, costs of meals and health care expenses.

Today’s atheists, who like to use words like ‘rational’, ‘reasonable’ and ‘scientific’ in describing their beliefs, believe that the greatest beginning of all—that of the universe—had no cause whatsoever!

Some admit it is a problem, but they claim that saying ‘God did it’ explains nothing because you then have to explain where God came from. The cause of the universe must have been non-material because if the cause was material / natural, it would be subject to the same laws of decay as the universe.

The violators are required to pay the fine immediately after they are arrested or report themselves to the police.

The above mentioned penalty regulation is not applicable to those who have overstayed in Macao within one year.