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Datagridview cellvalidating change value

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Also, the drop down list will add / remove handlers so you can easily test out which handlers do what without having to specifically comment out lines of code.

I want to refactor this code that is currently in a partial Form Class and deals with edits made on certain cells in a datagridview (in this case called dgv Replenish).

When you click a Check Box in a Data Grid View Check Box Column, the check marker will update immediately, but Cell Value Changed event on the Data Grid View will not fire until the user happens to click elsewhere and the cell has lost focus. Well, the Data Grid View thinks it’s a little preemptive to go declaring that the cell value has changed while you are still selected on it.

Still, it doesn’t make much sense when we think about the way Check Box’s work, in that, they can only ever be On or Off, and that once you have made your selection, you’re probably pretty confident that you want to change the value.I'd start with defining a simple class defining the data structure itself, and add logic to it as necessary.Eventually, this is where your validation logic will lie. There's a great example of binding a list to a datatable and datagridview on dotnetpearls.Form All following code is part of private string last Edited Cell Value; private void dgv Replenish_Cell Begin Edit(object sender, Data Grid View Cell Cancel Event Args e) private void dgv Replenish_Cell Validating(Object sender, Data Grid View Cell Validating Event Args e) private void dgv Replenish_Cell Clicked(object sender, Data Grid View Cell Event Args e) private void dgv Replenish_Cell Formatting(object sender, Data Grid View Cell Formatting Event Args e) private void dgv Replenish_Cell Value Changed(object sender, Data Grid View Cell Event Args e) The truth is, it's really very hard to refactor this code out of the code behind once it's been written like this.I would suggest that you start writing your tests first, for now at least.I fear that if you try without having a simpler experience first, that you'll fail and never learn how powerfully awesome this pattern can be in your code. To expand on Rubber Ducks answer, about adding tests first is great!