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The early attestation of Mycenaean Greek in the island points to an early expansion of R1b1a1a2a2c1a-Z2110 lineages, but the early Anatolian influence over the island precludes a precise identification of their origin.Most R1b1a1a2-M269 lineages in Greece are probably linked to the Bronze Age expansion associated with the Minyan pottery, in turn linked to an earlier Yamna expansion into south-eastern Europe.

A potentially older invasion of certain R1a1a1b2-Z93 lineages during the Bronze Age could be supported by the finding of haplogroup R1a1a1b2-Z93 in an individual from Merichleri, in Bronze Age Bulgaria, ca. This mixture occurred probably in the earlier part of that period, possibly still earlier than the estimated range –, showing a clear haplogroup turnover in the modern Levantine population, with new subclades R1b1a1a2a2-Z2103 potentially from early (IE-speaking) Balkan individuals, and R1a1a1b2-Z93 probably from eastern (Iranian) migrants.

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