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Yet what sounds like a typical scene is far from the norm in Denmark.

The woman's blonde hair is hidden beneath a white hijab, and she is here not so that her son can play in the school's playground, but to attend Friday prayers in Danish.

Islam is associated with fundamentalism and fanaticism, terrorism, and the oppression of women.Though she jokes about the Danish stereotype of the 'she did it for him' conversion, Fatima was far from open to her boyfriend's religion, and actually began studying Islam to find problems with it in order to persuade him to abandon Islam.Her friendship with his sister, however, persuaded her to take a more serious look at Islam, and she chose to convert.Fatima is one of Denmark's New Muslims, ethnic Danes who have converted to Islam.She was introduced to Islam while dating the bouncer, a Muslim of Pakistani descent, at the club where she was working as a bartender.What follows are the stories of the journeys of Fatima and six other Danish women into Islam and an understanding of what it means to be a Danish Muslim, and how their growing Danish Muslim identity can counteract the growth of Islamophobia in Denmark.