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As of November 2017, he has over 17.0 million subscribers and 8.2 billion video views, which makes him one of the most popular You Tubers on the website.
They’ve lived an exciting life and they probably experienced a love like many people in their 20s and 30s dear about.

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"I never met these women and never had much desire to," he told reporters.It's a confession that makes Weinergate all the stranger, when you think about all the congressman had to lose.Here is the truth about ten common sexual beliefs that you probably didn't know. That said, here’s relationship advice to help couple intimacy about what porn can teach us about sex.(More...) Pornography is not meant to be sex education. As well, what is the difference between male-porn and female-porn.Could the crotch shot be to Weiner what the prostitute was to Eliot Spitzer? But whether he’s a true exhibitionist depends on how, whether, and to what extent his female targets actually responded.He's an Egomaniac Weiner’s situation is particularly interesting, say experts, because he's a man whose career depends on public trust.

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"Certainly you need a lot of arrogance," says Schwartz.

He's an Exhibitionist It's a loaded label, but men who flash themselves to strangers rarely seek contact afterward, instead describing a powerful sense of relief from the display alone.

(As Ogas notes, a former wide receiver for the Dallas Cowboys who was arrested for exposing himself to a 10-year-old said the experience left him "strangely relieved.”) "Exhibitionists want to shock, they want to surprise, they want a reaction," says Pepper Schwartz, a sociologist at the University of Washington.

We asked the experts why men like Weiner (and Lord knows he's not the first) have the overwhelming urge to cybercheat.

Here are a few of our favorite scientific theories.