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Current recordset does not support updating vba

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Public Sub cmdbtt_Add_Click() Dim con As New ADODB. Connection Dim ls DSN As String Dim obj RS As New ADODB. i think this problem is in the size of the datafields for example: here is my data base ------------------------------------------------------------------ Field Type | ------------------------------------------------------------------ TXT Text | | ------------------------------------------------------------------ Size 50 crachters in ur form u entered more that 50 characters so this problem will appear ok so high ur caracters size i hope that will work1st i am newbie 2nd i'm not sure if here is the same as My SQL so i think: you should Define the open type and lock type. Hi, I think you haven't specified the cursor type and lock type. So it will not allow you to update data through this cursor. Thankshi this problem happened to me once and i solve it.

I got this Run-time error 3251 Current Recrdset does not support updating. This may be limation of the provider, or of the selected locktype. Recordset Dim strmess As String Set cnp = Current Project. Connection strmess = "SELECT * from tblinvoicelines WHERE invoice=" & new Invo Set red1 = cnp. Hi, Why are u "Late Binding" the Object by creating...? EDIT: str Archive Path is previously set directly in code, and does end with a "\". Record Set And Check "str Archive Path" Should have last Char ="\" some thing like : C:\My Folder\Data\ Regards Veena I still get the same error... Write "Excel connection opened" ' Load ADO Recordset with Excel Data Set rst Excel = Server. Write "Excel Recordset loaded" ' Open Access Connection Set cnn Access = Server.