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Crystal reports updating from spread sheet

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One way to do that is to place the INSERT, UPDATE or DELETE statements in the same SQL command as the SELECT statement.

However, not all databases will allow you to combine SQL statements in this way.

An end user could Crystal's experts and wizards to filter and sort the data.

But instead of showing the data in the usual tabular format, the report consists of a series of INSERT statements - one for each row - incorporating the values to be inserted.

Instead of the updating being done within the report, you use CR to generate a script.

In the report itself, you call the function from within a Crystal formula (you can pass parameters to it if necessary).

In most cases, you won't want end users to be able to make changes to your vital corporate data simply by running a report.

That said, there might be times when it's desirable to write to a database as part of a reporting task.

By Lynn Evans Crystal Reports is essentially a read-only tool.

Its main role is to extract information from a database - not to update it.