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You can find this all over the Internet in articles about Hoover's cross-dressing.

The silliest claim is that Hoover made Bert Horgson wear women's clothes for decades until he died in a secret FBI nursing home.

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’ He had said it was around the time that his mother and father divorced, when he remembers putting on one of his mum’s dresses. “He’s got very sharp features and is slender in the face, and he doesn’t have much facial hair, so he pulled it off.” And what about makeup?“Like just hanging out at home, watching a DVD,” she says, making it all sound so harmless… “It did because his mannerisms changed,” she admits.Unlike ordinary people who just sit back and do nothing about the world's problems, Don has found a way to make a difference.He is a cross dresser whose female outfits magically transform him into a gorgeous (and busty) super hero called Captain Cross Dresser.“It wasn’t that I was committed to a man, it was that I was committed to a person, I really loved him,” she says. A Melbourne-based opinion and entertainment writer, Mel plunders her daily encounters, cultural surroundings and the fascinating lives of others for drama an intrigue.