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In May last year, an edition of BBC One current affairs series Panorama made the headlines when a reporter went undercover to expose the shocking abuse and poor treatment being experienced by learning disabled patients at Winterbourne View hospital near Bristol.Since then, the issue of care standards has been high on the agenda.The report further criticised the failure to treat residents as individuals and said people were staying for years in centres intended for short-term care.It added that there were "lessons to be learned" by care providers about the employment of restraint and an "urgent need" to reduce its use.(BBC News, Tuesday 26 June) In pictures: Art for Autism competition finalists (BBC News, Tuesday 26 June) Man 'used home of blind friend' to store suspected mephedrone (BBC News, Tuesday 26 June) How can blind people stay safe?(BBC News, Monday 25 June) Voice algorithms spot Parkinson's disease (BBC News, Monday 25 June) Talking Newspapers: How do you listen to a newspaper?Written by Esther Wilson, the award-winning drama follows events in the life of Darleen, a young woman with learning disabilities.Starring Donna Lavin and Edmund Davies, two learning disabled actors, it's created in part through improvisation and inspired by true stories.

Woman's Hour (BBC Radio 4) Following the cases of both Tony Nicklinson, who has vowed to starve himself to death if a doctor is not permitted to end his life, and also an anorexic woman who lost her bid to be allowed to die and will now be force fed, Woman's Hour discusses what society should do when an individual chooses to stop eating and drinking.

Now a new report by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) says that almost half of England's care homes and treatment centres for adults with learning disabilities are failing to protect them.

Unannounced CQC inspections of 145 premises revealed that 48% didn't meet required standards in terms of care, welfare and whether people were safe from abuse.

All in the Mind (BBC Radio 4) There's a focus on the natural world in this episode.

Richard Mabey, often described as Britain's greatest living nature writer, talks about "the lost years" of his depressive illness; mental health professionals go to ancient woodland to learn about ecotherapy; and a former mental health nurse talks about how making a garden helped her own recovery from illness.