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Creationist view of radiometric dating

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At this point, the ratio of one part potassium-40 to 7 parts of argon-40 would indicate an age of about 3.9 billion years, which is close to the age of the “oldest” known rocks on Earth.

Eventually, the amount of parent material becomes too small to detect, so that particular kind of atom can no longer be used to calculate the age of a rock. Riverside, CA: La Sierra University Press, p 116-136; (d) Brown RH.

Another approach to explaining ages of millions of years is to propose that the rocks of the earth are very old because the planet was created long before life was placed on it.

This theory does not adequately explain why fossils are often found in association with rocks that have old radioactive ages.

Another possibility is that God created a mature planet, with mature trees, mature animals, and mature humans. Radiosiotopes and the Age of the Earth: Creationist Research, Institute for Creationist Research, (2000); Snelling, AA, EF Chaffin, L Vardiman (eds).

The amounts of parent and daughter materials can be measured very precisely, but the accuracy of the date depends on the reliability of three major assumptions: constant decay rate; closed system; and initial concentration.

The constant rate of decay hypothesis seems valid; there is little observational evidence against it, although it has been questioned.