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It is a standalone organization in pursuance of National Policy on Education 1986 by the MHRD, Govt of India to provide a quantum of Non Formal Secular Minority Education such as vocational, life enrichment and community oriented courses besides general and academic courses from elementary Urdu to research in Urdu Language of National Importance: Adeeb(10th), Mahir(10 2), Kamil(UG), Fazil(PG), Takhassus(D. Within these overall objectives, the Scheme of Financial Assistance for Strengthening Education in Human Values has been under implementation, for strengthening human values inputs in the entire educational process, at all levels of education, viz. If the State Government declines to grant recognition or a university refuses to grant affiliation to a minority educational institution without just and sufficient grounds, the direct consequence would be to destroy the very existence of the institution itself. Unni Krishnan Vs Andhra Pradesh(Ref: AIR 1993 SC-2178). State of Tamil Nadu AIR 2002 Madras 42."If any entity is once declared as minority entitling to the rights envisaged under Article 30(1) of the Constitution of India, unless there is fundamental change of circumstances or suppression of facts the Govt has no power to take away that cherished constitutional right which is a fundamental right and that too, by an ordinary letter without being preceded by a fair hearing in conformity with the principles of natural justice." Right to choose medium of instruction of their choice is a fundamental right guaranteed under Articles 19(1) (a) (g), 21, 26, 29(1) & 30(1) of Constitution (Karnataka HC). UGC document on the XI plan profile of higher education in India states that “The only safe & better way to improve the quality of UG education is in the delinking of most of the colleges from the affiliating structure.

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I was initially put off by the’s unsophisticated graphics (which have since been updated), but the more I clicked through the site, the more overwhelmed I was by positive reviews. wrote: But the numbers convinced me: 2,551,866 users, 2,951,073 friendships created, and 4,072,138 positive experiences.

Each page was flooded with member testimonials all preaching couchsurfing love. (There are seven million members as of May 2014.) Everyone has their own style of couchsurfing, but according to Tom “Chino” Nguyen, an active member since 2009, accommodation requests should usually be sent one to two weeks in advance, and each should be individualized to the host.

I should have handled the situation better, but now, I felt stuck. * * * It was the summer after my third year of college when I signed up to study abroad in England.

He was found guilty of two counts of rape and one count of sexual assault and is serving a ten-year sentence.

He’s been surfing for the past couple of years and evangelizes the couchsurfing message to anyone and everyone: Still, everyone has to be wary of who they open their hearts to.

In 2009, a twenty-nine-year-old Hong Kong traveler who used claimed to have been raped by her host, who “allegedly subjected the woman…to a degrading and humiliating sex ordeal.” She says Abdelali Nachet, thirty-four, asked her to slow dance with him, then pushed her onto a bed after she declined.

I found her on, an Internet community recommended by a friend for travelers and hosts to exchange camaraderie and couches free of charge. Based on her photo, she seemed like a kindred spirit, a young traveler who spoke English.

Milena’s profile skimmed the basics: She had not posted a description of herself, or written anything in the category “One amazing thing I’ve seen or done.” She had no references. I figured I might even walk away with a new international friend, someone who could potentially accompany me on future travels.