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The software update procedure can take several minutes to complete so be patient. It is advisable not to update your sat-nav if the battery is flat, make sure it is charged. Your sat-nav may not have sufficient space for the map update.

In this case you can either select a smaller region that will fit on your device or you can insert a micro/SD card into your sat-nav to hold the maps. If you don't have one, you can purchase one from here. Always make sure you have the latest version of Garmin Express installed before updating your sat-nav. Unfortunately, Garmin Express does not always work.

For those with newer devices these changes have made it much simpler, for others it can still be a painful process with numerous calls to Garmin technical support.

The Nav system in my 09 Merc sucks pretty badly, and while I use it for most normal, non-critical situations, I plug in the Garmin for longer trips, or pull out my smartphone when the Merc's advice seems off. There may be some make out there with reasonable updates, but I'd be surprised. It is so complicated and non user friendly, we have a Garmin with Life time map updates which we use exclusively. I use GPS navigation a lot, so I want to make sure I can keep the maps up to date.What is the procedure for updating the maps on a 2015 Limited Outback, and how much does it cost? if you still get stuck on the loading screen, please let me know. Can you see the garmin as a device with removable storage..? Let me ask you this, do you have an SD card inserted into your garmin? Im sorry that weve had to come to this conclusion, but without the device being readable, weve hit the end of what you and I can do together. Thank you so much for taking your time and knowledge to support my concerns. US: 913-397-8200 US Toll Free: 1-800-800-1020 Canada: 1-866-429-9296 Mon–Thurs: 8 a.m.–6 p.m. Central Time (closed holidays) If they wont repair it for free, then were going to have to either pay garmin or send this in to a GPS repair shop to get it fixed..We only sell the latest maps that are available (Garmin update these every 3 to 4 months) and a map card can be purchased from here Ireland & UK SD card If your sat-nav has a 'LM' designation, for example, the nuvi 2415LM or nuvi 2597LM then your device comes with free lifetime map updates.