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One such example of how CPS proved its worth is at our Fulton plant – one of three local Atlanta area manufacturing facilities.

CCC Fulton makes plastic bottles for the Sunny Delight Beverage Company.

I own 2 totally unrelated businesses as a sole proprietor. BOTH properties were under 10 feet of water and cannot be recovered.Dramatic improvements are being seen in first pass yield, speed loss, uptime loss, and overall equipment effectiveness.With the new CPS processes, bottle losses are corrected as they occur in order to avoid larger losses caused by delays. We are over 35,000 students strong, and are recognized as one of the South’s most innovative institutions by U. Welcome to KSU - enjoy our Hooty Hoo video that was designed, directed and produced by a few of our bright students. Our students are especially talented, dedicated and proud – attending over 150 degree programs at both our Kennesaw and Marietta Campuses.After years of requesting help from the IRS, I'm beginning to feel like I am the only Sole Proprietor in the country that owns more than one company with employees.