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For the project, Kaman chose a small team of aerospace engineers and technicians, several of whom were woodworking hobbyists as well.

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In this post, I discuss how my job in the new IBM Cloud Data Services (CDS) group led me to design our first data warehouse. It all starts with the Simple Data Pipe project that David Taieb and I designed.“The Pipe” was born out of solving a real-world business reporting problem for the new IBM CDS group.We needed to consolidate a number of data sources into a central database and hook up Looker business intelligence visualizations to it. Of all the things business managers want reports on, CRM data is the obvious place to start. On a flight home from a conference one night, David and I outlined a piece of software we called the Simple Data Pipe, which would land our Salesforce data in IBM’s cloud data warehouse service dash DB, where we could view it alongside data from other sales and billing systems.

Mark Logic delivers heterogeneous data integration and management, securely, with consistency – and does it at scale – to support both operational and analytic applications on the same platform.With Mark Logic, enterprises get fewer moving parts and quicker time-to-value – delivering results in weeks instead of years.Organizations face a growing inability to handle the massive volumes of disparate, varied, and changing data with the relational databases that have been relied on for the past three decades.It’s automation frees up your team to work on other tasks, and model reuse saves cost and accelerates continued expansion.And, Magnitude DIW includes an embedded master and reference data management capability to ensure accurate and consistent hierarchies and dimension data when integrating information from many operational sources.As a result, your business teams receive the data they need for analysis and decision-making faster, in an environment that is much easier to keep up-to-date with constant business-driven change.