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Saket Modi, co-founder and CEO of Lucideus, an IT Risk Assessment and Digital securities provider gave us more information about online threats in this new-age internet world.

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“There was still a feeling of: ‘Oh, that team over there rolls out at 6pm while we’re here working late into the night,’” he explains.

To mitigate the building resentment and bring the team together, Arvind decided to be more open about the company’s overarching goals and financial targets.

It requires a “proactive approach,” says Keith Ferrazzi, the founder and CEO of Ferrazzi Greenlight.

So, whether your team is comprised of people in far-flung locations in faraway time zones or employees who work from home (or a combination of both), here are some pointers to keep things running smoothly.

With remote workers “this takes additional effort,” says Mortensen.

He suggests reserving the first few minutes of calls and videoconferences to simply “chew the fat.” You should talk about “the things you usually talk about at work”— weekend plans, kids, pets, or last night’s big game.

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How do you overcome the challenges of supervising employees in different locations and time zones?

In light of time-zone constraints, it’s considerate to set up the meetings on a rotating schedule so that no one team member or region is unduly burdened or disrupted.

Encourage the use of instant messaging, blogs, wikis, and other online collaboration tools and apps.

Encourage your direct reports to do the same with their remote colleagues.

This social bonding “builds essential empathy, trust, and camaraderie,” Ferrazzi says.