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(Oh, except for the time Dylan accused Joe Jonas of being a fraud and had his nude photos leak.) But their hilarious tweets and legit sexy photoshoot pics — seriously, college was good to these two — have expanded their fanbases more than ever: They both have more than 2 million Twitter followers, and their posts regularly go viral with more than 10,000 retweets!Even though Cole is one of the hottest young stars around right now, we can’t help but remember him as an awkward, bowl-cut having Disney star.

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’ But he knows he’s on the Southside now, and he knows he’s been away from everyone,” Cole says.

They met as students at NYU and have been dating since 2013.

Yes, they may have started dating well-into Cole’s hottie transformation, but she was around before he became the social-media fantasy he is today.

He adds, “I think Archie is also Jughead’s weakness when it comes to Betty, because they were kind of the three amigos when they were young, but Betty had always favored Archie and it’s something that will definitely see prevalence later on in the season, and just how much of a friendship Betty and Jughead had, even though it was just the three of them when they were younger or if Jughead felt more like a third wheel.” “So Archie coming to deliver the bad news is not only a slap from Betty, but really a slap from Archie too, which I think is something we explore a lot later.” While we don’t know when or even if Bughead will reunite, one thing that Cole says is that Jughead will regret not being there for Betty as she’s being forced into these bad situations by Black Hood.

“Definitely,” he says without a beat about his Jughead’s regrets.