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I could not believe my eyes as I read these words etched in Arabic on a church bell preserved in the Palacio de la Inquisición in Cartagena, Colombia’s foremost resort. Little did they realize that this remnant of the Spanish Moors, who had been forcibly converted to Christianity then shipped to the Spanish colonies in South America, was a statement of pride by a defeated people. The girl behind the cash register shrugged her shoulders, not understanding a word.

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After all, you’re both there for the same thing.” Isn’t that what we all want? Not that we’re an underdog community or anything, but there’s no harm in adding some specificity to a dating app.Validation and discretion rolled into one neat little package? Cosmo lays it out for everyone to understand: "Instead of asking if you're single or taken, or looking for men or women, Bristlr simply asks if you have a beard.” This English dating site simply shaved off a major part of the competition.Why it’s better than Tinder: Not everyone has a beard and that dramatically decreases the pool of available men who aren’t you, making your chances of finding a match higher.And, unless you’re our comically hairless deputy editor What do we talk about when we talk about Tinder?Why it’s better than Tinder: You have a way, way, way better chance of hooking up with someone without any stigma.Digital Trends reports: “You’ll never feel out of bounds sharing your desires.Some of Hampton’s black colleagues have had enough and are talking about quitting. King said he has plenty of doubts about Trump but they are not the same as Hampton’s. I believe that if everyone hates him he must be doing something right,” he said. It has among the highest poverty rates in the country, with one in three of the population living below the poverty line, rising to 43% among African Americans.That’s not for him: he says he will stay and fight. Clean up some of the people in this country that are causing troubles. “Trump was my first choice because I’ve read his stuff and I thought he was an asshole.

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But then, Cleveland’s overwhelmingly white police union piled in by taking the unprecedented step of endorsing Trump for president. Horrible move,” said Hampton, who is a member of the union.

“A slap in the face to the community which you serve.

What message does that send to black people about the attitude of the police? You can’t continue to back people into a corner without anybody eventually getting tired and striking out.

” Now the 57-year-old detective finds himself caught between an increasingly alarmed African American community, and a department he fears will retreat to a mindset more akin to military occupation than policing. Are we going to have more violence against police officers? That’s the very thing that I’m trying to avoid,” he said. For the ordinary guy.” Cleveland voted solidly for Hillary Clinton, although her numbers were down on Barack Obama’s victories.