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Gerecht fears that the Petraeus affair will change the moral climate at CIA, making it even more straitlaced and risk averse, taking the fire out of the loins, metaphorically speaking, of its case officer corps.

He writes, “we should all want the typical philanderer to serve in the Clandestine Service, free from the fear of reprisal.” But fear of reprisal in a system that traditionally has had zero accountability just might instill a bit of caution and result in fewer blunders like the January 2010 double-agent bombing at Khost Base in Afghanistan, which killed seven CIA officers.

Indeed, Opus Dei is a good measuring stick, as some CIA officers, in their more lucid moments, saw themselves as holy warriors defending the United States against evildoers.

A former Chief of the Counter-Terrorism Center used to describe it as “doing God’s work.” Gerecht is correct that infidelity at CIA was regarded fairly lightly except by the spouses who were on the receiving end.

In other words, his philandering was the constant that defined him, not how he made a living.

But Gerecht’s account got me thinking about the CIA clandestine services culture, which has certainly changed dramatically since 9/11 but which used to be as difficult for an outsider to penetrate and comprehend as a group like Opus Dei.

Women case officers in most instances are sensible enough to realize that turning the relationship with a male agent into a sexual romp would be very dangerous indeed, both in terms of personal security and one’s career.

Surely drinking a lot makes one more inclined to behave audaciously and take risks, as it deadens one’s normal sense of restraint.

But it does not make one a better spy—quite the contrary.

He was not regarded as particularly effective by his peers either at the training center or in the station.

Everyone used to joke about his non-stop libido and pity his long-suffering wife, though one suspects he would have been little different if he had been in any other profession where there are a number of younger women available who are ambitious enough to dally with an aging mentor.