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Christian men dating older women

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One day Miriam picked up her old Bible, and a few months later, re-embraced her commitment to Christ.But when Miriam told her husband what she had done, he promptly left her and their little girl. Miriam tells her story in a new book by Rosemary Sookhdeo titled .Any children they have will be raised Muslim-and great pressure is put on wives to convert.Some women marry with the best of intentions: Their husbands are recent Muslim converts to Christianity.What is shocking is how many of these women come from strong, evangelical backgrounds.

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The reasons vary from person to person, but one thing is certain: While the media is kind of over the “cougar” phenomenon, I’m meeting more and more guys who are asking me how they can date older women.

What She Offers You What does an older woman offer you?

Well, each one offers something different and special.

The women learn later that they should have put off wedding plans in order to test the strength of this commitment, because all too often, these men convert back to Islam when their families pressure them.

The sobering truth is that the number of Christian converts to Islam is growing rapidly.