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Within Christianity, there are a variety of views on the issues of sexual orientation and homosexuality.The many Christian denominations vary in their position, from condemning homosexual acts as sinful, through being divided on the issue, to seeing it as morally acceptable.Historically, from the earliest days, Christians have taught that same-sex acts are contrary to Biblical teaching: Tertullian (155 – c.240), The teachings of various church groups through the past centuries is surveyed in an article on the history of Christianity and homosexuality.LGBT-affirming denominations regard homosexuality as a natural occurrence.The United Church of Christ celebrates gay marriage, churches allow for the blessing of gay unions.Within the Lutheran communion, there are openly gay clergy, too, for example, bishop Eva Brunne is an openly lesbian Bishop in the Church of Sweden.Such religious groups and denominations interpretation of scripture and doctrine leads them to accept that homosexuality is morally acceptable, and a natural occurrence.

However, the Church of Sweden conducts same-sex marriages, while the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America opens the ministry of the church to gay pastors and other professional workers living in committed relationships.The Global Alliance of Affirming Apostolic Pentecostals (GAAAP), traces its roots back to 1980, making it the oldest LGBT-affirming Apostolic Pentecostal denomination in existence.Another such organization is the Affirming Pentecostal Church International, currently the largest affirming Pentecostal organization, with churches in the US, UK, Central and South America, Europe and Africa.The positions of the evangelical churches are varied.They range from liberal to conservative, through moderate. Although they do not approve homosexual practices, they show sympathy and respect for homosexuals.The Seventh-day Adventist Church "recognizes that every human being is valuable in the sight of God, and seeks to minister to all men and women [including homosexuals] in the spirit of Jesus," while maintaining that homosexual sex itself is "forbidden" in the Bible.