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Season 4, Episode 21June 5, 2006In Part 1 of the two-part series finale, the Browns prepare for Delia's Bat Mitzvah; Nina and Jake pack up to leave Everwood; Nina tells Hannah about the ring Andy bought, setting in motion a comedy of errors with dramatic consequences; Amy becomes jealous of Stephanie and realizes what she may have lost; the Abbotts find an unusual surprise on their doorstep that alters their life. Season 4, Episode 20May 29, 2006The townspeople reminisce as they gather for the funeral of a beloved friend; Ephram reveals information about his dad to Nina that surprises her and adds a new twist to her inner Andy-or-Jake struggle; Andy finds more of a connection with his dad (Charles Durning), who's still in town; Amy and Ephram recall a moment from their past that helps Amy realize that Ephram is always there for her; and Hannah and Bright come together as friends, realizing that there's still a close bond between them. Season 4, Episode 12April 3, 2006Nina feels inadequate and clumsy trying to help Jake, so she invites Andy to dinner as a buffer; Amy asks her dad to teach the abortion procedure to her school's med students; Andy treats Delia's rabbi (Mark Elliot Silverberg) for a dislocated shoulder and suspects his clumsiness is caused by a medical condition; and Ephram helps Kyle, who wants to get together with his visiting father, but knows that it would upset his mother if she found out. Season 4, Episode 11March 27, 2006Inspired by her activist teacher, Laurie Fields (Leslie Hope), Amy volunteers at Planned Parenthood, but her zeal in trying to get Hannah involved causes the friends to clash; Edna suffers panic attacks while Irv's away on his book tour; Ephram receives news that his piano mentor, Will Cleveland, has died; and Rose and Harold's adoption plans are put on hold when Harold questions whether he's fit for the responsibilities. Elsewhere, Reid invites Amy to a Halloween function; Edna is irked that Jake is starting to specialize in cosmetic medicine; and Bright faces a tough decision regarding his relationship with Hannah after she tells him she doesn't believe in premarital sex. Season 4, Episode 4October 20, 2005Ephram gives piano lessons to a brash teen musician (Steven R. Elsewhere, Rose campaigns for mayoral reelection; an elderly patient is hesitant about having brain surgery; and Delia wants to have her Bat Mitzvah. Meanwhile, Jake angrily tells Andy he knows Andy kissed Nina; Harold deals with intimacy issues; and Amy struggles with the loneliness of life as a college freshman.Season 4, Episode 19May 22, 2006Andy's estranged father (Charles Durning) shows up in Everwood unexpectedly, which surprises Andy, who carries a deep anger for his dad. Season 4, Episode 17May 8, 2006Ephram finds Reid passed out from an overdose of pills in a suicide attempt; Bright feels the weight of his indiscretion and searches for a way to heal his relationship with Hannah; Laurie invites Amy on a trip to Washington, D. Season 4, Episode 13April 10, 2006A young woman (Brooke Nevin) with a history of cancer in her family comes to Andy to be tested for the breast-cancer gene; Ephram pushes Kyle into something that causes emotional trauma for the teen and leads to a revelation; Hannah and Bright find their relationship is in a rut; and Andy goes on a date with Laurie. Season 4, Episode 10March 27, 2006Ephram and Amy must sort out how their night together now affects their relationship, while Nina comes to a decision regarding her future with Jake; Andy fumes over how he's portrayed in Irv's novel, and also is stressed out by Delia's growing anger towards him; and Ephram sees parallels between his life and Kyle's beyond their shared love of the piano. Season 4, Episode 9December 8, 2005Jake confesses a slipup to his brother; Delia pushes Andy into online dating; Hannah's self-image brings forth evolution in Bright; and Ephram flinches at being Amy's confidant. Season 4, Episode 2October 6, 2005Nina opens Sam's, her new restaurant, and the townsfolk aren't happy with the changes she made to Mama Joy's.

While I feel an overall sense of resignation in both of them, they both show initiative: Naomi in inviting Fisher for a drink, and in debating which top to wear, and Fisher in clearly stating, “I don’t want a pity date.

Based on characters from the theatrical film Legion (2010) and with a pilot directed by Scott Stewart (who also directed the film), the epic new Syfy fantasy series Dominion is set in the year 25 A. (After Extinction), in a post-apocalyptic city called Vega (formerly Las Vegas), where an army of lower angels, assembled by the archangel Gabriel (Carl Beukes), has waged a war of possession against mankind, and archangel Michael (Tom Wisdom) has turned against his own kind to side with humanity.

As the war between the human race and the angels escalates, a rebellious young soldier named Alex (Chris Egan) struggles to help save the world.

He was only six years older than Fisher, but from some other world where people wore polished shoes and knew how to break necks. Before he was a Stegner Fellow at Stanford, a Cornell writing professor, literary magazine editor, and Pushcart Prize winner, Drangle was a kid in Arkansas and New Orleans.

I have the sense he knows the territory of job fairs featuring bait shop owners and soybean farmers.