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The area houses a population of almost one million people, who depend on supplies from other areas to meet their daily needs.Since roads have been washed away, the availability of commodities and household supplies in markets has fallen to dangerous proportions.Sindh, West Punjab, Balochistan, the North-West Frontier Province, and East Bengal were officially integrated into Pakistan.This also brought the dispute with India over Kashmir. In 1956, Pakistan became a parliamentary republic but the civilian rule was soon replaced by a military rule following a coup by General Ayub Khan.The Vedic Civilization and the Persian Empire gave way to the Greek settlement by about 327 BC.The rise of Islam in around 650 AD was a significant influence in the land.Pakistan, as part of the Indian subcontinent participated actively in the protest against British colonization and sought independence.In 1947 the withdrawal of British dominion gave way to the establishment of Pakistan on 14 August 1947.

The government must take immediate steps towards mitigating this emergency situation and declare Chitral a calamity-hit district.In 711 AD Muhammad bin Qasim, the Umayyad general prompted a number of successive Muslim dynasties to build their empires on the land.Soon, in about 1526 AD, the region became a part of Mughal territory.Foreign exchange and gold reserves amount to US .8 billion but foreign investments are low, primarily due to security and stability concerns.Corruption and bureaucracy problems have slowed down the economic growth of Pakistan in recent years.These washed away many houses, crops, property, shops, bridges and most importantly, roads connecting the Garam Chashma Valley in the Chitral district to the rest of the world.