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As for why it is painful, you might benefit from reading some of my earlier posts (links appear below).

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It eventually reached a prominent figure in the Middle East, whose post about Sara’s startup generated 5,000 shares of the website.

Through Na Takallam, refugees and language learners speak in a conversational dialect, Levantine, which is much more commonly used.But once she arrived in Beirut, “I was just watching this situation unfold, and it was heartbreaking,” she says.“I kept thinking about what it would be like if I were one of those Syrians, and I had just graduated from my program in my home country when the war broke out, and now my country is falling apart and I’m a refugee in Lebanon.Don't get mad at me if they don't have the desired effect, but in most cases the girl will think it's cute and smile or laugh since you're a foreigner.However, if it's an Arab guy saying it the result won't be the same.Around a million and a half have come to Lebanon, where they now make up a full quarter of the country’s population.