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He said the images were taken by him and he didn't consider himself to be dangerous, and there was no danger in taking someone's photograph."The court heard Rodriguez had eight previous convictions for nine offences including the sexual assault as well as one for grievous bodily harm and one for drink driving.

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Until the food catches up, however, it's a level for which they're not ready.Like the room, the plates at Buck & Rider are gorgeous, but a combination of questionable choices and technical glitches renders the standouts few and far between.In contrast, the king crab salad () is a Thai-style feint with the requisite components but none of the punch.And deliciously flaky smoked trout () is lazily tossed in a salad with predictable bedfellows and a dressing so bereft of acid that it might as well not be there.But the rice is dense and sticky, on one occasion resembling the texture of fruit leather, and it kneecaps an entire section of the menu. The deviled crab dip () earns its signature status.

Why the staff thinks anyone would want to eat that way is a mystery.

Hong Kong-style halibut () is similarly misguided, a perfect piece of fish splashed with a sauce so heavy with vinegar that it makes everything else on the plate inedible.

And while seafood is the name of the game, there's no reason a New York strip () ordered medium-rare should arrive medium-well and — no hyperbole — completely unseasoned.

Sushi rolls, nearly a quarter of the menu, pose a conundrum.

I want to applaud the restraint exercised with sauces, and some, like the serrano and almond-studded crunchy shrimp roll (), bring a light countenance that stands in admirable contrast to heavy, mayo-laden American maki.