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You only get charged at that moment for the amount you are requesting in gasoline. It happened to me on vacation once and when I pohoned them they explained it to me.

So now if I use my AMEX at a gas statio , I just go inside and problem solved.

Hi, in future go inside the gas station and tell them exactly how much gas you want. When you do it at the pump they usually will pend between -0 depending on gas station.They put a hold on there so you don't pump gas and then not have enough credit on there to pay for it. The first time this happened to me Bluebird was nice enough to give me a free credit.So why dont you get a clue before you go screaming. If you had any money held by Blue Bird, it is probably because you have dealt unknowningly with such a company. They're doing it to protect themselves and in away protect you.I like the card a lot, but you have to learn it's mechanics, so you don't stumble. Otherwise, it will block upto 0 availability, and you not have it back for eight days. As a former Wal-Mart employee I will tell you that your comment about them pushing them is completely false!I worked there and we were never told to push them. I use it for everything and they have never held my funds. Do you appreciate what it's like to have some idiot tell you that your pay arrived at Bluebird but was rejected after having successful direct deposits?Ripoff Report has an exclusive license to this report.