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Eddie’s choreography has been recognized and performed in ACDFA Gala concerts and at the Bryant Lake Bowl, Phipps, Varsity, Southern, and the Mc Guire theatres in the Twin Cities area.His work has also been commissioned in several Twin Cities Arts schools, UW-River Falls, St. His piece, “Melisma,” was presented at the 2006 Choreographer’s Evening, while his latest work, "Brown Rocket," was performed at the 2008 Momentum Series commissioned through the Walker and Southern Theater.The production is plagued by problems from the beginning. Along the way there are some wonderful songs, a love story, a full-fledged meltdown by the overworked and underappreciated Sam, and a dance-off between Elizabeth Bennet and her sister, the Pirate Queen, on 42nd Street in New York City (seriously).Only five people show up for the audition: Emily, who plans to star in the show she’s written; Jessica (Lisa Asher), a veteran of the Central Riverdale Amateur Players; Blake (Paul Wyatt), a young man with a bit of a drug habit who is using the play to get out of his group therapy sessions; and a couple, Lauren and David (Amy Goldberger and George Merrick) – she plans to play Elizabeth and he’s there to help her, not to audition. Darcy, while Emily is cast as Elizabeth by her boyfriend, Dominic. It’s a fun, silly, crazy adventure that culminates in an awful, but wildly amusing production of the play.Their long-time creative director has left to do bigger and better things – dinner theatre – leaving the company without a leader.

Also commendable is Sarah Maiorino’s costume design.But several of the songs merely peer into the characters’ inner lives and motivations, which is interesting, I suppose, but in most cases doesn’t cover anything that the book and the actors themselves haven’t conveyed.In addition, it’s worth noting that the most hilarious portion of the musical, the actual performance of has no musical numbers, other than the dance-off.He retired after thirty-nine years of service from M&T Chemicals in Carrollton as a raw material buyer.He was a member of New Hope Baptist Church near Chelsea, Indiana, an avid golfer, loved to sail and was known for his drawing of horses. One of them is a horrifyingly bad adaptation of Jane Austen’s ‘Pride and Prejudice’ being put on at a local community theatre by a group of mediocre thespians.