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Predictably, some evolutionists lost no time in seeking to discredit the data. ’ Desperate for an answer to this damning evidence some evolutionists claimed that the blood vessels that Dr Schweitzer had found were simply bio-film (a product of more recent bacterial action).Dr Schweitzer (an evolutionist herself, although a fideistic theistic version “I had one reviewer tell me that he didn’t care what the data said, he knew that what I was finding wasn’t possible … I wrote back and said, ‘Well what data would convince you? This was sometimes shouted out during CMI presentations by skeptics, and anticreationist blog sites and chat rooms would give this as the ‘go-to’ answer when creationists raised the topic.Since launching the Facebook Journalism Project earlier this year, Facebook is making the effort to release updates that ease publishers' platform woes.

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It's how we helped create the two biggest new media companies to date: Axios The Dodo.

Needless to say, they fit beautifully within a biblical (young earth) timescale; these are almost certainly the remains of creatures that were buried during the Genesis Flood, approximately 4,400 years ago.

While this information wasn’t hidden, it certainly wasn’t promoted widely in museums or popular science programs either—and definitely not in the general press.

The ‘average Joe’ might think; “Oh I get it, iron acts as a preserving agent like formaldehyde, the stuff scientists use to embalm things.

It’s like those animals preserved in jars I’ve seen in laboratories.