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The two reportedly met on the set of “Gifted,” which has yet to be released. He’s a giant man with huge muscles and he’s Captain America. ” Slate’s split from Dean Fleischer-Camp, her husband of nearly four years, was announced last month.

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Cue outrage about the authenticity of her spaghetti carbonara recipe, which was originally published in 2004.Thirteen years later, it has suddenly become an international incident because Nigella includes cream and vermouth in her version. In fact, it was unrecorded before World War II, and is widely believed to have been made popular by GIs hungry for bacon and eggs.But after making an unfortunate remark about player Marion Bartoli ‘never going to be a looker’, Inverdale was exiled to Planet Sexist, never to be seen again.

Still, Italian fans have been posting howls of fury about her desecration of this ‘traditional’ recipe on her Facebook page, where Nigella’s team published it. Perhaps more pertinent is that for newly super-slim Nigella, pasta must seem like something she once ate a lifetime ago, in a galaxy far, far away.

You’d think that would earn him a lifetime ban but no, there he is, large as life and giving the desk strawberries a run for their pips. The problem with Wimbledon coverage is that BBC bosses now insist on treating tennis as entertainment rather than sport, complete with X Factor-type back stories and endless talk of players’ struggles. ’; ‘He is a big practice horse.’Those were among the Borisinian gems the big German uttered during the Rafa Nadal/Donald Young match on Wednesday — and that was when I could understand what he was saying.

Terrified of not being inclusive, they avoid the purity of distilled expertise and assume everyone watching is a bit of an idiot who needs to be amused and diverted. Most of the time he just rumbles on, sounding like Arnold Schwarzenegger talking through a gumshield in the corner of a sports bar.

Thankfully the BBC lobbed it into the long grass and reinstated the old formula, though fans still miss John Inverdale’s homely approach.

He presented his no-frills version of Today At Wimbledon for 14 years.