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You have the option to renew monthly, or pay for lifetime access! When you checkout, make sure to leave your Snap Chat user name. They called the app Houseparty — a name designed to suggest good times while courting a hip, young demographic.Even among supporters, some worried whether they were giving up on what Meerkat calls "one to many" broadcasting too soon.Suddenly Meerkat was in a three-way fight against two companies with significantly more resources at their disposal.But from Rubin’s perspective, Meerkat faced an even bigger problem: most people simply don’t want to broadcast themselves regularly.

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Last spring, when his company’s live-streaming app Meerkat became an overnight sensation, Ben Rubin explained its popularity with two words: "spontaneous togetherness." Starting a broadcast with a couple of taps from a mobile phone, reaching a huge audience of friends and interested strangers, proved irresistible when Meerkat had its breakout moment at South by Southwest.The company quickly raised million in new funding from investors who thought it could be the next major social platform.Then the idea of spontaneous togetherness seemed to spontaneously combust.Twitter blocked Meerkat’s access to its social graph and released a significantly more polished live-streaming app of its own, Periscope, within weeks.Facebook built live streaming into its flagship mobile app, which has more than 1 billion monthly users, a few months later.Built under a pseudonym for 10 months, the app for Android and i OS has been gaining traction among young people around the country — and it’s closing in on 1 million users.