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Two important tools in Nuclear Medicine: the ”scintillation camera” by Hal Anger in 1958 and the commercial development of Technetium-99m in 1960, allowed for the imaging of radiotracers circulating through different portions of the heart in real time.Among the first uses was the detection of intracardiac shunts, soon followed by the measurements of regional myocardial perfusion and regional ventricular function.Global ventricular function and regional contraction of the ventricles could be studied, and quantitative measurements of stroke volumes, ejection fractions, and ventricular filling and emptying rates could be calculated.Hal Anger invented the positron and single photon multiplane tomographic scanners that have become such important tools for diagnostic cardiac imaging.


Regional myocardial blood flow, metabolism, and innervation may be measured noninvasively in individuals with or at risk of diseases of the heart.William Strauss introduced the first exercise stress myocardial perfusion exam.This expanded the world of nuclear medicine to include a new technology: Nuclear Cardiology.Georg de Hevesy used red blood cells labeled with Phosphorous-32 to measure red blood cell volume, inventing the “tracer principle,” the most fundamental in nuclear medicine.A major breakthrough was made by Werner Forssmann in Eberswald, Germany in 1929 when the human heart was first catheterized.He subsequently studied patients with thyrotoxicosis, anemia, polycythemia vera, carcinoma, and heart disease.